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Condition is a once-a-season, all-in-one, start up kit used to prepare the pool water for the Power Ionizer System.  This “kit” includes a product called Sodium Tetra borate.  Borates are added to the process to eliminate carbon dioxide.  Just like humans need air to breath, algae need carbon dioxide to grow.  By suffocating the algae, we are able to keep all of the other chemical levels to a minimum, thus simplifying a very effective process.


Energize uses the very best source of chlorine, Sodium Dichlor, to keep the pool water sparkling. Shocking a swimming pool is always necessary. Adding Energize to the swimming pool twice a month makes pool maintenance less time consuming.



Awaken is what’s called an Oxone shock. It removes contaminants from the water without the use of chlorine. It is made from a blend of Potassium Monopersulfate, keeping your pool clean and clear while keeping your chlorine to a minimum.


Cleanse is a natural enzyme water clarifier.  A common cause of water cloudiness and scum lines on swimming pools are tanning oils and lotions.  As opposed to coagulate clarifiers that may clog the filter, natural enzymes feed on oils and other contaminants in the water to maintain water clarity while minimizing filter maintenance.  Add Cleanse every other week and watch the pool sparkle!



Chill is a specially engineered chemical blend that is used when winterizing a pool that uses the Power Ionizer System. It is an all-in-one winterizing “kit” that does not require anything additional to close a pool down for the winter.

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