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Pool Products

The Power Ionizer System utilizes natural minerals, such as copper and silver, while eliminating the daily usage of harsh chemicals such as chlorine or bromine.  By simply adjusting the dial, the natural mineral level can easily be maintained between 0.3-0.6 ppm. Traditional  salt systems can cause corrosion to the steel wall on top rails.  More and more, pool manufacturers will not warranty a pool that uses a traditional salt system.  The Power Ionizer System utilizes a minimal amount of salt in a unique way; simply to kick-start the process and then allows natural minerals to take over.  This process is environmentally friendly and safe for your pool.  There are also a few simple chemicals that help keep your pool sparkling clear!

Condition:  Condition is a once-a-season, all-in-one, start up kit used to prepare the pool water for the Power Ionizer System. This bucket includes cyanuric acid, metal removers, and borates. Cyanuric acid is commonly referred to as stabilizer, and its purpose is to make the minimal amount of chlorine in the shock more effective.  Metal removers are in place to remove unwanted metals from your pool that could have entered the water during fill up.  Lastly, the borates in Condition are added to eliminate carbon dioxide.  Just as people need air to breath, algae needs carbon dioxide to grow. By suffocating algae we are able to keep all of the other chemicals to a minimum, thus simplifying a very effective process.

Refresh:  Eliminating contaminants by shocking the pool is always necessary.  However, by an effective use of natural minerals and the bucket of Condition, it is only necessary to shock every other week.  Refresh combines DiChlor and Oxone.  These two products are the most widely used shocks available on the market, but Refresh uniquely blends these two products together for maximum effectiveness.  Adding Refresh to the swimming pool twice a month makes your pool sparkle while spending less time on maintenance.

Cleanse:  Cleanse is a natural enzyme water clarifier that is specially formulated for the Power Ionizer System. The most common cause of water cloudiness and scum lines on pools are body oils and tanning lotions. Coagulate clarifiers bring these oils and lotions through the skimmer, clogging the filter and causing more maintenance. However, natural enzymes feed on these oils and other contaminants in the water to maintain water clarity while minimizing time spent cleaning the filter.

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